If what you want is a restored Humvee, this could be your best option.
The restored vehicles are only made upon request, according to the configuration, motorization, color, tires, etc., that the client desires.
From €34,500 (VAT not included), depending on type of paint, tire size, seat model, type of seat belts, and other options of doors and hood.

Vehicles have been previously selected and have less than 50,000 miles, before restoration.

A complete service is carried out in the motor, transmission, transfer case and differentials.

Replacement of air filter, oil filter, transmission filter, fuel filter, fan belts, radiator hoses and flexible pipes.

Complete review of the brake system and replacement of parts in poor condition.

Degreasing, cleaning and painting chassis in satin black (other options to choose from).

New paint 383 US Military Green (CONSULT OTHER OPTIONS), after degreasing, sanding, pickling and priming the body exterior and interior.

Military seats with new upholstery.

New vinyl hood and doors. (Various colors to choose from).

Four tires with less than 20% of use: 36 x12.50-16.5 LT Good Year Wrangler Military R / T (see other options).

Two new 12 volt batteries.

Two-point safety belts, windshield seals, gauge lights, turn signals and new reflectors.

And they are replaced of all the parts that are not in conditions according to the original specifications.

A road test of 50 km is carried out to all of them to verify its correct operation.

It is delivered registered as a historical vehicle in conditions to circulate for all types of races without any restrictions with a B driver's license.